Hi, I am Amy and I am a Land Junkie!   There is just something about the earth that just enthralls me.    I was just clearing a lot to build a new home and even the color of the top soil made me smile.   Land, when it is used for its best and highest function just makes sense.   Seeing and hearing a creek bubble around  a neighborhood,  or see a trail winding  through the woods with fallen leaves allowing for nature’s own form of under brushing gives me pause to just take a breath. And here in South Carolina, it is a very refreshing breath.   Real Estate is just that, Real.  It is the earth we live on, it is the ground that carries the foundations of our homes,  it is the lawns, the woods, the pastures, and the mountains we fall in love with.

With that perspective I simply just like looking for the right piece of land that will inspire my clients, give them space for their families and solid ground for the biggest investment they make in their lives.  I live here in Seneca, SC, and have for the past 25 years.  I ride my horses through beautiful trail systems, hike breath taking waterfalls and search through small towns, neighborhoods, farms and our many lakes to find The piece of Real estate that will fit my clients needs. I like the relationships I build with clients, being able to listen and to do the exciting work of finding what they want in a parcel of land, or a personal home, farm, or lake house.  Or helping them sell their piece of Terra Firma and get it into the hands of the next stewards to carry on the legacy of ownership.

So in a nut shell you can know this: 1.  I love this area, I am passionate about finding the right piece of property to meet your needs.   2.  I love my Ranger, atv riding, Full Bird Col husband and three adult kids   3. I love my horses and ride them often;  and  4. ( which is actually first) is my faith, for that  is what grounds me in all my endeavors both personally and professionally.

I would love to meet you and build a working relationship so that in buying, or selling  or even just searching for real estate in South Carolina we can have fun, accomplish much and live to tell a great story.  As they say, Nothing is finer than life in South Carolina!